Clown workshop

Clown workshop

From 6 to 10 and 13 to 17 June 2016:
For adults (18-77 years old)

When one asks me: "What’s a clown?"... I say a clown they feels good, he feels good, he’s intelligent, he knows things, it is very sensitive... I am trying to describe a human being. A clown is like us: the same problems, the same desires, the same joys, he’s the same. They have the same feelings, the same passions, the same loves, the same disappointments, just like us. Unless they have a snitch like that! Mario Gonzalez
Registration deadline: April 6, 2016.
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Mime workshop for Children

Mime workshop for Children

February 23 to 26, 2016:
For kids and tweens (8-13 years old)
"The Tramp"

For three days, you’ll be wearing mustache, bowler hat, learn to turn the cane and walk like Chaplin. Invented in 1914 by Charles Spencer Chaplin, Charlot is one of the most popular figures today. Vagabond his condition, he tries to survive in a world often incomprehensible to him. This does not prevent to rescue the widow and the orphan and make antics to amuse the spectators. The fourth day is open to the public. Your parents will come and watch you prepare and will applaud the mini show you’ll play.
Registration deadline: February 9, 2016.
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Mime workshop for Adults

Mime workshop for Adults

March 1 to 4, 2016:
For adolescents and adults (14-77 years old)
"Molière in Mime"

We will imagine what might be "The Scapin" if Molière had Mime. We saw last season in the previous course, pantomime invented in Paris in 1820 by Jean-Baptiste Gaspard Deburau is a silent art derived from the Commedia dell’Arte. For three days, all revisit "The Scapin," one of the most full of Italian comedy shows that Molière created in 1671. The fourth day we will present to the audience guests that little dumb show that we will have multiple characters invented and rehearsed in advance.
Registration deadline: February 16, 2016.
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L’île du trésor oublié

Theatre • Commedia dell’arte • Young Audiences
L’île du trésor oublié tells the amazing adventures of Lord Pantalon (Anne-Marie Laussat - actress, makeup artist) and his servant Arlecchino (Philippe Pillavoine).
Both in search of a forgotten treasure, hidden on an island. Pirates, Sharks, Storm, shipwreck exploration, wild animals, sword fight, chase horse await our heroes...
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Mr Alone in "Marche dans les nuages"

Theatre • Sketches of Mime • All Audiences
Elegant, dressed in black, white painted face protected by a hat, Mr Alone presents his first story, "Marche dans les nuages".
Do not worry, it is not to walk on the head! The modern world is enough for us.
Mr Alone, far from being sluggish, we twirls of skits sketches in the art of mime. We will take with him to the height, regain our vitality, to contemplate and breathe in all its fullness, the richness and diversity that the world of silence.
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Follower Mime

In the street or at your event, mime will slip behind passers flowing into the steps he has chosen as a "victim" caricaturing gently, his approach and his mannerisms...
Mime follows the person imitates, the mimics. With his child’s eyes, he enjoys forging gestures, actions, specific actions to create comical.
Others, privileged witnesses in this comedy that plays live in their eyes, savoring this moment of grace where everything is suspended for improvisation.
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Living statue

One or more mimes will pass in the eyes of your audience for a statue.
When one stares at it still. And as soon as his back is turned, it moves a hand, look...
It is not difficult. You put it where you want the dress to your liking and go.
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The Tramp

Philippe Pillavoine honors The Tramp, the legendary character invented by Charlie Chaplin.
For four hours, you will relive the days of silent film, the century of black and white, when the humor and emotion inflamed crowds.
Immerse yourself in this animation where poetry and humor combine to happiness and delight your audience.
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Mime card

You dream of an original animation, new and we do not propose here... ask! If you think "impossible"! Wait before you decide.
Contact us, and we will see.
Know that our only goal is to fulfill your wildest dreams leave to make a movie just for you... an animation "Mime card"!
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La lune sans parole

Theatre • Sketches of Mime • All Audiences
Tien Vuong left the school in 1993 Marcel Marceau. Since then he has created many pantomimes he presented the Czechoslovak and French scenes.
You would think for the title of his sketches as his repertoire is essentially dreamlike and poetic. There is nothing. Interpretation, precise gestures, his "facial expression" fair and directoring makes clear his pantomimes available public to the delight of adults and children.
The list of sketches: L’arbre, Les mains, Le désir, La mer, Le souvenir, Le papillon, Le vieil homme et la mer.
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Discover unusual characters on stilts fixed or rebounds!
El Diablo: Straight out of the medieval imagery, he walks the streets and alleys on stilts rebounds.
Papiol: It claims to have accompanied traveler Marco Polo in the wider world. As proof, he refers remedies and potions these distant lands: powder extracts of alligator or magical herbs. This charlatan wanders in search of souls to entertain.
Agobard: Fantasy warrior extract a medieval fable. He proudly walks the streets of high stilts and fight against invisible ghost!
Altaïs: This silver star is dream, joy and sweetness! He wanders in the middle of a cloud of soap bubbles, memories of distant planets.
Baguio, le clown: Character full of fantasy and pranks on stilts, in the crowd, in the wind for all to enjoy!
Ingwé: Sorcerer, Ingwe walks, mime scenes of hunting and dancing on stilts, music, to call good spirits!
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French Cancan

In the early nineteenth century, in the Parisian cancan dancing is born or "Ruckus" a new eight-minute dance breathtaking on catchy tunes of festive music dances Paris. A frenzied pace, balance and flexibility on the edge of acrobatics, cancan dancers in their glitzy outfits are losing your head in all of Paris.
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Since 1993, "Le Bateau Ivre" has been there to provide entertainment and shows.
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Next project: Laurenzaccio

Company subsidized by the City of Melun (77), "Le Bateau Ivre" provides mounting Laurenzaccio. Planned for the 2015/2016 season, it is an adaptation of Alfred de Musset’s Lorenzaccio A conspiracy in 1537 and George Sand.
Written by Philippe Pillavoine this part of the romantic repertoire will be staged in clown Mario Gonzalez. The story takes place in Italy and tells the assassination in 1537 of Alessandro de Medici, Duke of Florence, by his cousin Lorenzo de Medici.
You can help us to complete the project by completing our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule or becoming co-producer, co-director, donor, subscriber, or prospective witness in pre-purchase your tickets!
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