"Le Bateau Ivre" company presents its Mime animations

Since 2003 we offer events: Follower Mime, Living Statue, The Tramp and Animations card.

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Mime animations news
(12/11/,19 at 05h38):

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  • Follower Mime Follower Mime
  • Follower Mime

    In the street or during your event our mimes will slip behind the passers-by flowing in their steps that they have chosen as a victim. Caricature kindly, their tics and their approach...
    The Mime follows a person to imitate. With his regard as a child, he imitates gestures, steps, actions of one or more people to transcend in dramatic and comical.
    Other persons, witnesses of this impromptu comedy that is played under their eyes, enjoying this moment of grace where everything is suspended to the desires of each protagonist who defy them about that the golden rule that the silence of life.

    Follower Mime
  • Living Statue Living Statue
  • Living Statue

    One or more mimes will get in the eyes of your audience for statues.

    But shush! If they have the feature to be alive... When you look fixedly, they remain motionless. And once we have the turned back, they move a hand, a look,...

    They are not difficult. You can put anywhere, the dress to your liking and it’s OK.

    Living Statue
  • The Tramp

    Philippe Pillavoine tributes to Charley, the mythical figure invented by Charlie Chaplin.

    For four hours, you will relive the days of silent movies, the century of black and white when the humor and emotion inflamed the crowd.

    Immerse yourself in this animation where poetry and humor combine to happiness and delight your audience.

    The Tramp
  • The Tramp The Tramp
  • Mime card

    You dream to have an original animation, unpublished and we don’t propose here... Ask us!

    If you think it’s "impossible"! Wait until you decide.

    Contact us, and we will advise.

    Our only goal is to implement your wildest dreams to make a left animation for you...,
    an animation of Mime card!

    Mime card
  • Mime card Mime card

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Here are all Videos of our animations Follower Mime and Living Statue.

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  • Follower Mime

  • Living Statue

  • Living Statues

  • Living Statue in windows

  • Deambulatory mime

  • "Follower Mime"

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Here are all photos of our animations Follower Mime, Living Statue, The Tramp and Mime card.

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