"The Commedia dell’Arte in the art has the philosophical position the wiser. It restores the balance of life, denouncing the absurdity of life itself."
Jean Louis BARRAULT.


You want to live your downtown, gardens or an inner courtyard of a historic monument, or simply place your village?

Animation "show street of Commedia dell’Arte" is for you!

Actors and a musician(s) will improvise Commedia dell’Arte scene 20 minutes. Explore through this animation proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre" the wonderful world, poetry and burlesque of Arlecchino Colombine, Capitan, Isabelle, and Doctor.

Performers: See.
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"We hear various languages and the characters able to generate more jokes and laughter, either by grotesque somersaults, or with the face, either with corrupt faces." Andrea Perrucci, Dell’Arte rappresentativa all’improvviso ed, 1699.
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